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Founded in 2006, is a professional engaged in high-end electric spindle and its spare parts of the independent research and development, manufacturing, maintenance and sales service integration of national high-tech enterprises. Since the establishment of the company has always adhere to the "focus, professional, concentrate on" six-word approach. To the customer demand-oriented, according to the needs of different types of machine tools, research and development designed PCB drilling machine / forming electromechanical spindle, CNC metal / glass engraving and milling machine electromechanical spindle, high-power spindle, grinding spindle, lathe, grinding machine, machining center Electric spindle and a series of spindle and related accessories products. The company passed the ISO quality management system certification and has been strictly enforced. At the same time, business leaders in the company‘s development planning a high degree of attention, continue to recruit high-end technology research and development personnel, and the introduction of Germany, the United States, Switzerland and other countries of high-precision production equipment, testing equipment. Over the years, the company by virtue of high-quality products, access to the broad masses of customers unanimously approved in the spindle industry has established a good reputation; through continuous innovation, with a number of invention patents and utility model patent certificate, and gradually become Domestic spindle industry one of the leading enterprises.
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